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Crunchie, our chocolate Working Cocker
Our black & tan Working Cocker, Cracker.  She's Crunchie's daughter.
:P  Our Lurcher, Isla
Our Newfoundland, Tess


Alpha Dog Training is based in Fife, Scotland. My name is Deborah Blyth, and I qualified as an Instructor with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers in 1998. I am a full-time trainer, who now concentrates solely on one-to-one training in the customer's own home. My husband and I absolutely love animals, and have a busy little 'family' of 7 dogs (a Lurcher, 4 Working Cockers - it's 4 generations we have, from great-granny Crunchie down to baby Bramble - and 2 Chow Chows), 3 cats, a huge French Lop rabbit, a Crested Gecko called Gabriel and a Bearded Dragon called Zippy. We often say to our visitors that we should charge admission, as we have more animals than the zoo! It does make for a busy life, but it's just fantastic, all of my little gang are my pride and joy.

I now specialise in doing one-to-one training, as I really feel that you'll get the best out of your dog that way. The training takes place in your own home and it's tailored to exactly what you want to cover. The session lasts 2.5 hours which gives plenty of time for you to ask questions, we'll go for a walk in your local area (so that gives you a chance to practice in your local park or High Street or wherever) and we cover absolutely everything from basic puppy training, through to advanced obedience, and also any behavioural issues. See the Courses page for more examples. (I know, it should be called "Training" but I can't figure out how to change the page heading!)

I cover Fife, Edinburgh & the Lothians, Stirlingshire, Falkirk etc. If you live within 20 miles of my postcode (KY12 8YS) the cost is 110, please contact me for an accurate quote for other areas as it'll be slightly more due to extra fuel costs. We no longer accept cheques, so payment is in cash on the day or by Bank Transfer in advance please. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE WHEN YOU ASK - YOU'D BE SURPRISED HOW MANY PEOPLE FORGET! - BUT I CAN'T GIVE YOU AN ACCURATE COST WITHOUT IT. I answer all emails within 24 hours, so if you haven't received a reply after that time please check your Spam folder first, and then give me a ring if there's still no trace of a reply.

SORRY, WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO SPACES FOR DOG WALKING IN WEST FIFE. Our dog walking service is, we think, unique, in that we don't take out a group of dogs and let them run around together, we walk dogs on the lead and do some training at the same time. This means that we can work on things like heelwork, stopping your dog lunging at passing cars, jumping up on people etc, so when you come home at night after a hard day at work, your dog will be happier AND better behaved!  It is also absolutely perfect for elderly, frail or timid dogs who would be overwhelmed in a large group.  Costs can vary slightly due to travelling time but the average is £12 per hour.  Additional dog(s) from the same household are half price.  If you'd like more information or to make a booking, just 
contact us by email or phone.   

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