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 Some photos of our dogs, cats, and a sneaky one of Gabriel the Gecko too just because he's got a great smile!  The other dogs are "graduates" from previous classes.
Tess, our Newfie
Isla, our Lurcher
Crunchie, our Working Cocker
Chilli, our Ragdoll cat
Basil, our Golden Tipped cat (in the bath, waiting for spiders!)
Rosie, our British Blue
Karma, our Bengal kitten. Still with her mum just now but coming here soon!
Gabriel - OK, not a dog or a cat but he's our wee gecko & he's ridiculously cute!
Our wee pal Calley
Our wee pal Kia
Guide Dog puppy Zak
Harley - yes you're right, butter WOULDN'T melt!
 Jaffa - if she was chocolate, she'd eat herself!!!  Benson - looking gorgeous, as usual  Dexter - always manages to wangle extra biscuits from me!
Rorry (he doesn't really have a fuzzy head - he just wouldn't sit still!)
Custard - look at his wee blurry waggy tail 
Dougal - hard work being so cute ya know?! 

 Sally - "Yes I know I'm gorgeous.  Now give me a cuddle!"

 Zed - now a working Guide Dog.  Well done wee man!

 Poppy - as beautiful as her brother & sisters, who've all done their training with me too.

 Nootka - I think she just came to the classes for a rest!  Ziggy- the wild man of Fife!!! (Also our Tess' favourite ever boyfriend!)  OK, so she's not a graduate, but she deserves a medal anyway!  Chilli, our Ragdoll kitten, Nov 08

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